Lona van Delden, Ph.D., Post doctoral researcher


E-mail: lona.vandelden@uef.fi

Phone: +358 50 4493427

Room number: 4120/3

Projects: NOCA


Worldwide, soils play an important role in accelerating or mitigating climate change. Through organic matter dynamics, soils have the potential to store or release substantial amounts of greenhouse gas (GHG), which depends strongly on their climate, land use and management.

My research as a soil scientist focuses primarily on the soil-atmosphere exchange of the three major GHGs CO2, CH4 and N2O. These GHGs combined create an individual global warming potential (GWP) for each ecosystem, which is driven by local environmental conditions and biogeochemical carbon (C) and nitrogen (N) cycling. Therefore, the interaction of C and N dynamics need to be evaluated under changing conditions such as climate change, land use change and increasingly methodological digitalisation. My research motivation is based on the vision that combining below ground environmental conditions with aboveground remote sensing technology will vastly improve future C and N nutrient cycling simulations on the landscape scale for precise national and international GHG budgets and strategies.

My research experience covers nutrient cycling and soil-atmosphere interactions in various soil and land use types from subtropical to temperate climates and arid regions. With the Biogeochemistry Research Group at UEF, I will now extend my research into thawing permafrost soils to establish the first circumarctic N2O budget with the NOCA project to complement CO2 and CH4 estimates for an arctic GWP with advancing climate change.

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