FinnFen - Methane temperature response of Finnish peatland ecosystems

Principal investigator: Ph.D. Nina Welti

Funding period: 2015-2016


Due to the climate of Finland, it has been suggested that the ecosystems located in Finland are especially sensitive to warming. This leads to the question: Does warming affect the temperature response of CH4 oxidation and production in natural peatlands in Finland equally across latitudes? Therefore, we will measure different peatlands throughout Finland along a latitudinal gradient to examine and understand the responsiveness of the methane communities, as measured by CH4 production and oxidation, to warming. This will be assessed by the isotope composition of CH4 as well as by the microbial gene markers. In an additional step, the response curves will be compared with long term eddy data from the same sites. This project is in collaboration with the Dept. Of Environmental and Biological Sciences, Dept. of Forestry UEF, Finnish Meteorological Institute, Dept. Of Physics, University of Helsinki, and the School of Science and the Environment, Manchester Metropolitan University, England.