Dan Kou, PhD, Post Doctoral Researcher

Name: Dan Kou

E-mail: dan.kou@uef.fi

Room number: Snellmania 4310/1

Project: CAPTURE


The permafrost region on the earth stores a large amount of carbon and nitrogen. This large organic matter stock has, is and will continue to experience strong environmental changes, such as climate warming, enrichment of carbon dioxide and permafrost degradation. For this reason, carbon cycling and nitrogen cycling in the permafrost region change dramatically, which could alter services and functions of the permafrost ecosystem. To better predict the services and functions of permafrost ecosystems in the future, my research interest mainly focuses on revealing characteristics of carbon and nitrogen cycling in the permafrost region and exploring the response of carbon and nitrogen cycling to environmental changes, especially warming and permafrost thawing. During my PhD period, I paid much attention to nitrogen cycling on the Tibetan Plateau, the largest high-altitude permafrost region around the world. During my postdoc period in University of Eastern Finland, I will pay great attention to carbon cycling in the circumpolar region.



2014-2019 PhD Institute of Botany, Chinese Academy of Sciences

2011-2014 MS Beijing Forestry University

2007-2011 BS Northwest Agricultural & Forestry University


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