Student selection

The admission processes aim at fair selection of highly motivated and skillful applicants. Student selection will be based on the application documents and evaluation how the applicant’s skills and competences gained by the previous academic studies correspond to the Master´s studies applied. Also the success in earlier studies and the motivation letter will be taken into account in the selection process. Meeting the minimum application requirements does not guarantee acceptance to the programme. 

For country-specific requirements see the Admissions web page.

Applications will be graded based on the applicant’s 

  1. suitability and content of the previous studies (0-5)

  2. success in previous studies of the suitable field of science (0-5) 

  1. motivation to apply for studies (0-5) 

If the applicant scores 0 p in any of the components, the application will not be processed further. 

Announcement of the student selection results 

The decision will be announced 3.4.2020 at the latest and the applicants will be notified of their acceptance / rejection after that. The students who have been accepted are required to formally accept their study place by 15.5.2020. The Notification of admission is sent to the applicants only by email to the address given in the application form. Rejected applicants will be informed by email.