Advanced-level courses in biology

Environmental ecology


Code Name 2019-2020 2020-2021
3123172 Advanced taxonomic collection x x
3710486 Chemical ecology x  
3123190 Community ecology   x
3123244 Contemporary evolution and behavioural ecology x  
3123175 Current issues in aquatic ecotoxicology x  
3710462 Ecological Risk Assessment x x
3710485 Entomology   x
3123158 Ecology of tropical Africa    
3123243 Exercises in fish and fisheries biology   x
3123242 Fish and fisheries biology, lectures   x
3123194 Global peatland ecology x  
3123169 Literature report in hydrobiology x x

Genetics and physiology

Code Name 2019-2020 2020-2021
3123185 Ecological genetics x  
3123198 Function of plants in changing environment   x
3123247 Environmental adaptation of animals   x
3123248 Neurophysiology x  
3123196 Genetic modification of organisms x  
3123186 Optical methods in plant biology and environmental research   x
3123197 Population genetics and evolution   x
3710484 Systems biology and environmental bioinformatics   x


Code Name 2019-2020 2020-2021
3710419 Biogeochemistry   x
3710451 Bioprocesses in removal of environmental pollutants x  
3710469 Journal Club in Biosphere-Atmosphere Interactions x x
3710455 Stable isotopes in environmental research x  

Other advanced-level courses

Code Name 2019-2020 2020-2021
3710475 Chemicals, environment and health x x
3710418 Design of ecological and environmental experiments x x
3123195 Sustainable water management x  
3123112 Research seminar in biology x x
3123143 Working in research group x x
3123138 Practical training, advanced studies x x
3513125A Carbon dynamics of forest soils    
3513125B Carbon dynamics of forest soils, book exam    
3123101 Philosophy and history of Biology x x
  Personal study plan x x
  Advanced book exams x x
  Maturity test in MSc degree x x
  MSc thesis x x