6th Advances in Tourism Marketing (ATMC) Conference,

8.-10. September 2015, Joensuu, Finland


CALL FOR PAPERS (download as .pdf)

Tourism engagement: co-creating well-being

Two widely held convictions have emerged as the practice of Tourism matures in the 21st century. Firstly, the wellbeing of tourists, destinations, and operators is paramount. The management of a destination's competitive advantage must become sustainable, while the tourist deserves the best memorable experiences possible.

Secondly, tourists are maturing and becoming more assertive (e.g., Pearce & Packer 2013 ). They create their own experiences by activating their own networks and resources (Gnoth & Jaeger 2007). They easily find their way around to and from their destination, and have become savvy decision-makers. Smart and Internet technology allow tourists to rebalance the traditional information asymmetry between operator and tourist. Instead, they now turn up at destinations and often know more than the operator, about opportunities, prices, facilities, and competitors.

The first challenge therefore is, what is wellbeing, how is it constructed as a process and a state, for tourist, destination and operator? How does it relate to quality, satisfaction, recreation and happiness? And what does this mean for the development of sustainable practices in the development and management of comparative and competitive advantages?

The second challenge asks, what can tourism operators do to assist tourists in their creation of experiences and how can they become co-creators of value?  In other words, how can operators and destination become a valuable and valued part of tourists' experiences? What are the challenges beyond merely functional facilitation? Although memorable experiences of recreation, self-consolidation, flow, learning and happiness have been identified as the most important benefit of holiday tourism, what is the operator's role in their construction?

Exploring and identifying the dimensions of co-creation and wellbeing, the ATMC 2015 in Joensuu Finland (8.-10. September 2015), seeks to define tourism engagement for the 21st century. For only with true engagement can value be created and shared.

In addition, we also particularly welcome paper submissions addressing issues such as:

  • Co-creating well-being tourist experiences
  • Well-being and tourist destination
  • Communicating wellbeing in tourism
  • Entrepreneurship in wellbeing tourism
  • Marketing tourism places and spaces
  • Tourist behaviour
  • Sustainable tourism and marketing
  • Community based tourism
  • Value co-creation in tourism

Submission of extended abstracts (max 2000 words incl. references)  by 15 February 2015 (Deadline has been extended from 31 January 2015).

Paper submission is open at https://easychair.org/conferences/?conf=atmc2015