AIVI infrastructures cater for the needs of several UEF researchers across faculty boundaries and dozens of customers in Finland, the EU and outside the EU.

Biomedical Imaging Unit comprises in vivo imaging and ex vivo tissue imaging. The infrastructure for in vivo imaging is nationally unique and of a high international level, consisting of three MRI devices and a hyperpolarisation device (to be installed in 2016). The infrastructure also includes PET and CT/SPECT scanners, optoacoustic and 3D angiography, optical imaging (IVIS) and ultrasound devices, as well as a multiphoton microscope.

National Virus Vector Laboratory produces quality-assured adeno, lenti, baculo and AAV virus vectors not only on laboratory but also on a wider scale comprising two GMP level and three BSL2/BSL3 level laboratories with their bioreactors (10–100 L), incubators and laminars, vector concentration equipment, cell banks and measurement devices needed for characterisation.

Stem Cell Center is a comprehensive provider of human pluripotent stem cell services.