Cardiovascular Phenotyping Unit

The Cardiovascular Phenotyping Unit provides state-of-the-art analyses of cardiovascular structure and function especially with mice, but also with rats, rabbits and pigs. This includes both cardiovascular ultrasound imaging and histological analysis.
Because of nationally unique in vivo imaging infrastructure the ultrasound analysis can be further completed with cardiovascular MRI imaging. See more ->

Equipment and methods

Ultrasound imaging and analysis
Tissue sampling

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1. Ultrasound imaging and analysis
a. Vevo 2100 high-frequency and high-resolution ultrasound system
b. Basics of Echocardiography and Doppler measurements well covered
c. Ultrasound imaging of vascular diseases also possible (e.g. abdominal aortic aneurysm)
d. Targeted delivery of e.g. gene therapy to the heart muscle under guidance of ultrasound visualization

2. Tissue sampling
a. Transcardiac perfusions and preparation of histological samples
b. Collection of select snap frozen tissue blocks
c. Collection of any peripheral organ or tissue
d. Repeated collection of venous blood samples

3. Histopathology
a. Histological stainings
b. State-of-the-art light or fluorescent microscopy
c. Quantitative image analysis

User policy and pricing

The main function of Phenotyping Center is to provide necessary expertise, training and supervision for academic groups to help them design, conduct, analyze and report behavioral studies as part of a larger (usually molecular) study. The group ordering the service is responsible for all running costs and salaries of people running the study.

Electrophysiological studies are conducted by trained personnel and priced based on research contracts.  
Services for nonacademic clients are custom-design studies that are priced according to the UEF guidelines for research service contracts.


Director of Phenotyping Center
Prof. Heikki Tanila, MD, PhD
email Heikki.Tanila (at); tel +358-40-3552084

Cardiovascular Phenotyping unit
Contact person
Holappa Lari, M.Sc.
email lari.holappa (at); tel +045-45-8700487