Kuopio Biomedical Imaging Unit

Kuopio Biomedical Imaging Unit (Kuopio-BIU) provides excellent facilities for small animal in vivo imaging and ex vivo MRI microscopy in different areas of basic and applied research. Kuopio-BIU is part of the Finnish Infrastructures for Functional Imaging (FIFI) infrastructure network and serves as the national pre-clinical MRI center, which is included in the National Infrastructure roadmap. The strength of Kuopio-BIU is international level small animal MRI and strong combination of different imaging modalities together with the excellent quality and variety of different animal models, biotechnology and contrast molecule synthesis found at the University of Eastern Finland.

The imaging unit is located in A.I.Virtanen Institute, University of Eastern Finland, and it consists of three MRI scanners, a SPECT/CT and PET unit for small animal imaging.