Registration and tuition fees

The tuition fees of the Open University are based on the government decree on charges for university activities (1082/17.12.2009). The tuition fees for Open University studies are the following:

Basic Studies 250 euros
Intermediate Studies 350 euros
Single Courses 12 euros / credit point
Processing fee 50 euros

The registration is binding. It is possible to cancel the registration within two weeks by sending a written notification to the Open University. Cancellations must always be made in writing and no cancellations will be accepted over the phone. The tuition fee is not tied to the number of credits the student completes.

A processing fee of €50 will be charged for study rights cancelled in writing during the cancellation period. If the tuition fee for the cancelled course/ study module is more than €50, we will refund the amount in excess of €50 of the paid tuition fee. If the tuition fee is less than €50, we will withhold the paid tuition fee as processing fee. If you fall ill after you have registered but before the studies start and you have a medical certificate relating to your condition, we will refund your tuition fee in full. This requires that the length of your sick leave is more than one month.

The tuition fees chargeable from degree students are specified in the application instructions of this decision, which come under a separate decision by the Director of Aducate.

The right to study refers to the period of time during which the student may complete the courses he or she has registered for. The academic semesters at the university are the spring semester from 1 January to 31 July, and the autumn semester from 1 August to 31 December.

The right to study is valid for three semesters for basic studies, four semesters for intermediate studies, and six semesters for advanced studies, starting from the month of registration. For a single course, the right to study is valid for max. two semester.