Aducate in prief

Aducate yourself! Aducate - Centre for Training and Development fosters a culture of professional development among operations of people and organisations. Aducate acts as a link between working life and science by following the development of new scientific knowledge and finding practical applications for it.

The services provided by Aducate base on the expertise of the faculties. The central partners in cooperation of Aducate include the faculties, departments, schools and university teaching staff. Aducate promotes the principles of lifelong learning at the University of Eastern Finland.

Aducate strengthens the regional competitiveness and expertise base of eastern Finland by engaging in close cooperation with public organisations and private companies. Aducate carries out education and development projects and provides expert services which support the university's societal mission. The trainings organised by Aducate cover the entire Finland by means of lexible modes of study and e-learning.

The operations of Aducate rest on the disciplines and areas of expertise of the University of Eastern Finland:

  • social services and health care pharmacy
  • teaching and learning
  • the environment and forestry
  • business administration and law.

Expertise relating to Russia is an overarching theme.

ADUCATE in nutshell

Aducate is located at Joensuu and Kuopio and Savonlinna Campuses. Aducate contributes to the success and development of individuals, organisations and regions by offering adult education and development services in the areas of expertise of the University of Eastern Finland at the regional, national and international levels.

  • Areas of Expertise of Aducate
  • Health care and well-being

  • Business expertise, law and entrepreneurship

  • Education, teaching, learning and pedagogy

  • Intercultural cooperation and Russia

  • Open University

Itä-Suomen yliopiston koulutus- ja kehittämispalvelu Aducate.

Aducate Centre for Training and Development is third largest university-level adult education unit in Finland, with roughly 18 000 students. Aducate employs staff of 140 experts.