Open University

All Finnish universities organize Open University courses. Open Universities are the part of the Finnish adult education system. Open Universities offer every adult an opportunity to participate in education which follows the curricula of Universities. Each Open University proviedes teaching on its own and in cooperation with such education institutions as adult education centres, folk high schools and summer universities. Every year over 70,000 people studies at Finnish Open Universities - almost 12,000 of them in UEF Open University.

Mission to promote

  • educational equality at individual and regional levels
  • professional development
  • education opportunities (life-long learning)
  • degree studies

And offer possibilities for self-development.


You can take part regardless of your age, educational aims or previous schooling. You may have different goal

  • to improve general knowledge
  • to upgrade your basic education or
  • to work toward self-development
  • to find out what you want to study
  • to prepare for academic degree studies.


Its objectives and requirements correspond exactly to degree studies. Open University education is arranged in cooperation with university departments. Modes of delivery take into acconut ispecial circumstances of adult students:

  • Contact teaching: lectures take place in the evening and on weekends
  • Distance teaching: independent study, essay, study assignment, sometimes also contact teaching
  • Virtual teaching: Open University education is also offered online, which enables many working adults to participate in course

The language of instruction is usually Finnish, sometimes English.

Open Universities cannot award degrees, but credits are transferable and can be incorporated into a university degree. If you want to have a university degree, you have to apply to university as a major student - you can apply by entrance examination or by your open university studies.

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