Joensuu Campus

The Joensuu Campus is compact, easy to access and accessible. The campus is home to nearly 8,000 degree students, so be prepared for a lively atmosphere and corridors filled with happy chatter.

The campus is located right by the city centre, making it easy to pop out to run errands even during the day. In Joensuu, many services for students ranging from student health care to services offered by the Student Union are available right on campus. The Teacher Training School is also located on campus, which is very convenient for those studying to become teachers.

The Joensuu Campus boasts excellent facilities for independent study, and the many cafeterias and campus restaurants offer lunch and snacks to be enjoyed in the midst of studying.

Another thing worth remembering is Joensuu Science Park, which is located only a stone's throw from the campus. Joensuu Science Park hosts some of the university's teaching facilities, and it is a natural platform for science, technology and business to meet.

City of Joensuu

Joensuu is known as the home of Ilosaarirock Festival, one Finland's largest and oldest rock festivals. The city is also a proud holder of the Fairtrade City status, awarded by the Fairtrade Foundation. Furthermore, Joensuu is home to several forest sector organisations, and this is why the city is sometimes referred to as the Forestry Capital of Europe.

Joensuu is the second largest city in eastern Finland and the 12th largest city in the country. About 75,000 people live in Joensuu, and every third inhabitant is under 30 years of age.

Joensuu is a place where a peaceful environment meets a rich offering of culture and hobby opportunities. The beautiful scenery and the unspoilt lakes and rivers offer almost endless possibilities for sports and recreation. Indeed, Joensuu is home to approximately one hundred different sports clubs. The city's vivid selection of theatre and music, on the other hand, constitutes excellent food for the soul. Around Ilosaarirock Festival in July, the streets of Joensuu are crowded with happy festival goers, while the darkening days of autumn are brightened up by Rokumentti Rock Film Festival.

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