How to submit documents

At the application state we require only scanned enclosures attached (uploaded) to the application form. Paper copies are not required during the application period. Once you have filled out the online application, required enclosures must be uploaded electronically to the application form (recommended file types pdf and jpeg, max. file size 1.0 GB) by 27 January 2021 at 3 p.m. (GMT+2). Please make sure that you upload each enclosure to the right place in the application form. 

Collect the required documents. Information concerning the documents is available on the programme specific admission application requirements and also on your online application. There are certain requirements for the documents uploaded in electronic format:

  • We accept scanned copies of the original degree certificates and transcripts as well as the translations when they are required.
  • We do not accept scans of photocopies unless they have been certified by the awarding institution
  • Please scan the original documents with care, always scan in color and remember to scan all pages. If your scan is blurred, discoloured or the file is flawed it will not be accepted. The use of PDF -format is encouraged, as this ensures that the files can be opened in all operating systems.
  • The University of Eastern Finland also accepts electronic transcripts submitted through a few recognized sources. Please see Electronic Transcripts for details.

If application documents are mailed in by a third party, e.g. your university officials, the admissions office will forward the documents to the programme coordinator for evaluation. These documents can be mailed either to Joensuu or to Kuopio campus:

UNIVERSITY OF EASTERN FINLAND                                                    UNIVERSITY OF EASTERN FINLAND
Admissions Office, Joensuu campus                                                    Admissions Office, Kuopio Campus
(include the programme name)                                                            (include the programme name)
Yliopistokatu 2 / P.O. Box 111                                                                 Yliopistonranta 1 C / P.O. Box 1627
80101 Joensuu, Finland                                                                           70211 Kuopio, Finland

It is always the applicant’s responsibility to make sure that the application documents reach the University of Eastern Finland (UEF) by the deadline. UEF does not process any application documents that have arrived after the deadline.

Verification of original documents (for students beginning in September 2020)

We require that all admitted applicants submit their original degree certificates and transcripts of records for verification upon arrival in Finland.

In order for you to have the necessary attestation or legalization done in time, we ask you to check the country specific requirements concerning the verification of original educational documents. If the country your degree was given is not on the list, we require you to bring us the original documents for verification. Please prepare to submit your documents to the university at the latest by 15 September 2020.  If it is not possible to bring the documents in person, the documents can be sent to either campus, addresses mentioned above.

If your educational documents are issued in a language other than English, Finnish or Swedish, official translations of them to one of these languages are required

The documents can also be submitted electronically through a few recognized sources. To see whether the service possibly used by your institution is accepted please check Electronic Transcripts for details.