Visitors from abroad (opponents, visiting researchers, students arriving from abroad, etc.)
Necessary visitors from abroad will be welcomed. Visitors arriving in Finland from abroad may not enter the university’s facilities for 14 days following their arrival in Finland. This 14-day safety period should be taken into consideration when making travel and research plans.

From 1 October 2020, two voluntary COVID-19 tests will be recommended for travellers arriving in Finland from countries with a higher incidence and from which entry into Finland is restricted. An exception is that people from Sweden and Estonia may come to work in Finland without self-isolation or testing. Similarly, residents of border communities at the land borders between Finland and Sweden and between Finland and Norway will not need to self-isolate.

Voluntary COVID-19 tests will allow travellers to shorten the recommended 14-day period of self-isolation. 

Residents of Finland returning from countries with higher incidence rates could, at their discretion, shorten the 14-day period of self-isolation by taking a test at the airport or port as soon as they arrive in Finland, followed by a second test in their home municipality after 72 hours at the earliest from taking the first test. 

For other travellers arriving in Finland, the recommendation will be to take the first test up to 72 hours (3 days) before arrival. The second test should be taken no earlier than 72 hours (3 days) after entry into the country. Until receiving the result of the second test, persons entering the country should remain in self-isolation at their place of residence. The self-isolation period will end if the test result is negative. If the test result is positive, the doctor will place the person in quarantine until they have recovered.

Travellers staying in Finland for less than three days (less than 72 hours) will not be required to quarantine or take a second test. 

The latest information on travel restrictions can be found on the Finnish Government’s website.

Visitors from Finland (guests of public examinations of doctoral theses, etc.)
The number of people permitted in events organised in the university’s facilities by the university is limited to a maximum of 50 persons.

The following basic instructions on safety and hygiene on campus must be followed by everyone (students, employees, visitors):

  • Only come to the campus when you are healthy.
  • The first thing to do when you arrive is to wash your hands. You should also wash your hands regularly throughout the day. Use hand sanitizer in situations where washing your hands is not possible.
  • Keep a safe distance to others (1.5–2 metres).
  • No handshaking, no hugging.
  • Use protective gloves when you are using shared devices.