Faculty of Social Sciences and Business Studies

The Faculty of Social Sciences and Business Studies takes an interdisciplinary approach to research addressing societal phenomena, as well as to finding solutions to them. We offer multidisciplinary education in the academic subjects of History, Business, Geography, Environmental Policy, Law, Social Sciences, Social Work, Health Economics, Social and Health Management Sciences as well as Health and Human Services Informatics. Our education meets the needs of working life and offers our students extensive career opportunities in various expert roles. In our research activities, we engage in societal interaction both at the regional and national levels, and we also participate in several international networks. We operate on Joensuu and Kuopio campuses of the University of Eastern Finland.

Strategic research areas at the Faculty of Social Sciences and Business Studies

Top-level international research areas

  • Aerosols, climate change and human health
  • Borders, mobilities and cultural encounters

Advanced-level strong research areas

  • Sustainable governance of natural resources

Emerging research areas

  • Effectiveness in healthcare and social services
  • Welfare ruptures: recognising uncertainties, finding solutions