Rectors and UEF Leadership Group


The University of Eastern Finland has a Rector and an Academic Rector, both of whom are based at a different campus of the university. The Rector attends to the tasks defined in the Universities Act, while the Academic Rector, operating on the other campus, attends to tasks relating to teaching and research.
The term of office of the Rectors is five years.

Rector and Academic Rector

Rector Jukka Mönkkönen
Yliopistonranta 1 E, Kuopio
Snellmania building, 2nd floor

gsm +358 407288057
Appointments via Executive Assistant
Senja Hytinkoski
gsm +358 505693985

Secretary to the Rector Senja Hytinkoski
gsm +358 505693985
Academic Rector Tapio Määttä
Yliopistokatu 2, Joensuu
Aurora building, 3rd floor

gsm +358 50 575 1589
Appointments via Executive Assistant
Tarja Ryhänen
gsm +358 503611865

Secretary to the Academic Rector Tarja Ryhänen
gsm +358 503611865

Division of duties between the Rector and the Academic rector

UEF Leadership Group

The UEF Leadership Group prepares matters for decision-making for the UEF Board and the Rectors. Furthermore, the UEF Leadership Group coordinates and prepares matters of the faculties and University Services. The members of the UEF Leadership Group comprise the Rectors, the Deans and the Director of Administration. Directors of University Services attend the meetings in the role of permanent experts.

University Regulations (30 October 2019, 13 March 2020, 31 March 2020, 7 April 2020)