Philosophical Faculty

The Philosophical Faculty educates professionals and experts and carries out scientific research in the fields of educational sciences and psychology, home economics and craft science, linguistics and cultural studies, and theology. In certain areas of education, theology, languages and culture, we have an expressly defined national mission. Our activities emphasise internationality, regional impact and multidisciplinarity. Our research finds solutions to challenges related to learning and learning environments, life course and human agency, and language and cultural encounters in particular. We are among the most significant providers of teacher education in Finland.  

Three themes and areas of expertise in research:

  • Learning and learning environments
  • Life course and human agency
  • Language and cultural encounters.

Within teacher training, our research emphasises special pedagogy and the training of special education teachers, counselling, and the training of subject teachers in the field of natural sciences. Research on learning environments and technologies is multidisciplinary in nature, involving the various fields of study within our faculty. The faculty’s teacher training schools play an important role as research and experimenting environments.   

Strategic research areas at the Philosophical Faculty

Top-level international research areas

  • Borders, mobilities and cultural encounters

Advanced-level strong research areas

  • Learning in interactive environments (LINE)