Electronic signing of documents

The university’s electronic signature service, UEF Sign, is recommended to be used as extensively as possible in processes requiring signatures. UEF Sign is suitable for signatures in nearly all of the university’s internal documents. Many external stakeholders, too, accept electronic signatures undersigned with UEF Sign. Under these exceptional circumstances, many organisations that used to require traditional signatures are now willing to accept electronic ones.  Naturally, the acceptability of an electronic signature needs to be checked with the party concerned. The university’s legal counsels can be contacted in case of legal questions relating to electronic signatures. 

Guide for UEF//SIGN  in Heimo:

UEF//SIGN Guides

Instructions on how to check the validity of the signature

The digital signature of a PDF document can be checked from the original file only.

If the file is changed, the digital signature disappears. Students may print a paper copy, but the signature is not valid on the printed document. Parties that request these documents should not accept paper copies without the verified electronic document.

To check the validity of a digitally signed PDF document:

Open the PDF file with Adobe Acrobat Reader and then its Signature Panel.

Check the certificate information. A PDF document from the University of Eastern Finland is digitally signed when the Signature Panel shows the following text:
Rev. 1: Signed by University of Eastern Finland <e-signatures@csc.fi>
Signature is valid:
Source of Trust obtained from Adobe Approved Trust List (AATL).
Document has not been modified since this signature was applied
Signer’s identity is valid
Signing time is from the clock on the signer’s computer.
Signature is not LTV enabled and will expire after 2021/01/23 15:44:55 +02´00´
Signature Details
Certificate Details…
Last Checked: yyyy.mm.dd time timezone
Field: Signature1 (invisible signature)

In case the information in the Signature Panel differs from the above (e.g. claims that “Signature has problems”) this could be caused by the settings in your Acrobat Reader.

If the Signature Panel is unavailable, ask the student for the certified file.

Updated 30.3.2020 How to check signature
Updated 25.3.2020 added sign guide link