Doctoral School

The University of Eastern Finland's Doctoral School and the associated doctoral programmes are responsible for arranging scientific doctoral studies at our university, the objectives of which are defined in Government Decree on University Degrees (794/2004 21 §): Objectives of scientific and artistic postgraduate education.

Doctoral School coordinates doctoral education at the university and provides transferable skills studies to all of the university's doctoral students. All doctoral students are automatically included in the doctoral school. The director of the doctoral school is Academic Rector Tapio Määttä and the activities of the school are coordinated by Head of Education Kaisa Laitinen.


The task of the doctoral programmes is to offer systematic teaching and supervision for postgraduate students. The aim is to ensure the high quality of doctoral education and to educate highly skilled researchers and experts. A doctoral programme

  • processes applications and makes proposals on the rights to study to be granted
  • is responsible for the organisation of subject-related doctoral studies
  • is responsible for the supervision of doctoral students.

The doctoral programmes cover all scientific fields of the university, and all doctoral students complete their studies in the doctoral programmes.


Faculties are responsible for the administration of doctoral studies. Faculties

  • decide on requirements of doctorates
  • approve the doctoral studies curricula
  • grant the right to pursue doctoral studies, approve the research topic and research supervisor(s), research and doctoral study plans and any changes made to these
  • appoint the preliminary and final examiners for doctoral dissertations and licentiate theses and the opponents and the chairman of the public examination (the Custos) for doctoral dissertations
  • grant the permission for the public examination, approve and grade the licentiate thesis and the doctoral dissertation
  • approve completed doctoral degrees, award the degrees and give the degree certificates.