Organisation of teaching

(Updated 19 August 2020 at 10.30)

As much in-person teaching as possible will be offered to new students to ensure their commitment to the university and to their student community. Otherwise, the main mode of study this autumn will be online, except for courses that are impossible to organise online.

In-person teaching is organised with safety in mind. A maximum of 50 people, including the teacher, may be in the same room at a time, and with people keeping a safety distance of a minimum of 1.5 metres.

General exams continue not to be held, but it is possible for teachers to hold and supervise exams for small groups, while taking safety distances into consideration. The maximum number of people permitted in a room is 50 persons.

Safety distances can also be kept in all EXAM rooms of the university. Only some of the computers available in the rooms can be booked, and when students book a time, they will be assigned a specific computer on which to complete their exam. In other words, students can’t complete their exam on just any computer. The university will issue separate guidelines on the use of face masks in EXAM facilities.

UEF currently recommends the use of a face mask in situations where it is not possible to maintain safe distances (such as teaching taking place in a laboratory). The university has reserved face masks for both students and staff to be worn in these kinds of situations. In addition, face masks are worn in customer service settings where a protective plexiglass is unavailable. The university monitors the development of nationwide guidelines on face masks. Staff members will provide students with face masks in situations where they are needed. The University of Eastern Finland’s recommendation on the use of face masks:

Students belonging to a risk group for a severe COVID-19 infection are recommended to not come to the facilities on campus nor to participate in in-person teaching. More detailed guidelines are available at

Registration for courses is mandatory in the autumn semester 2020. In addition, teachers must keep a list of students participating in in-person teaching.

The above-mentioned safety guidelines issued by the university are followed in new student orientation, tutoring and other events that bring students together. Tutoring will be organised in small groups and mainly online.

Instructions pertaining to teaching and studying can be found in Kamu:   

Decisions on how teaching will be organised in the spring semester (including student exchange and entrance examinations) will made in early September.