Organisation of teaching

(Updated 25 June 2020 at 8.45)

Only teaching that is deemed crucial to be offered as in-person teaching will be organised as in-person teaching in the autumn semester 2020. By a decision of the dean, laboratory courses, field courses, internships deemed necessary, and other teaching that is impossible or unreasonably hard to organise online, can be offered as in-person teaching. In addition, in-person teaching can also be organised for new students in order to foster their commitment to their academic subject and to the academic community.

In-person teaching is organised with safety in mind. The Finnish Government’s restrictions on gatherings and other safety recommendations in effect at each time are followed in the organisation of teaching. From 1 June onwards, gatherings are limited to 50 persons, and this is applied to in-person teaching so that a maximum of 50 people, including the teacher, may be in the same room at a time, and with people keeping a safety distance of 1.5–2 metres. Further information on teaching arrangements and on safety guidelines in in-person teaching.

The faculties and the Language Centre will make their decisions on teaching, and inform students about these decisions, as follows:
- by 30 June regarding arrangements of teaching starting in August and September
- by 7 August regarding arrangements of teaching starting in October, November and December
- The Open University will inform its own students.


General exams and other exams will not be organised as classroom exams in the autumn semester. Facilities for electronic EXAM examinations will remain closed until 31 July, and they can only be opened by a separate decision of the dean. EXAM rooms will be opened starting on 1 August, and the university will provide separate instructions on how to use these facilities safely.

New students

The parts of new student orientation that are common to all will be organised online. Otherwise, the academic subjects will receive and welcome new students, organise new student orientation for them, and possibly offer in-person teaching, while observing guidelines on safety.

Student exchange and international Master’s degree programmes

In the autumn semester 2020, UEF will not be sending or receiving exchange students, and no teaching will be offered online for exchange students in the autumn semester 2020.

The university’s international Master’s degree programmes are encouraged to offer their teaching online in the autumn semester 2020. An international Master’s degree programme may consider postponing the start of the programme, if students are unable to enter Finland. In addition, students admitted to international Master’s degree programmes have the right to defer the start of their studies by one year.

Entrance examinations

Training for supervisors of entrance examinations that require presence on campus will be organised in early June, before the entrance examinations start. The basic instructions relating to safety and hygiene on campus apply to entrance examinations as well. Information on the entrance examinations can be found at

When can I continue working on the experimental section of my thesis in the university’s lab? (Updated 29 May 2020 at 8.00)
The university’s guidelines and safety instructions pertaining to research also apply to experimental sections of theses. Crucial research work may continue in the university’s facilities from 14 May onwards. Whether or not the experimental section of a thesis is deemed crucial will be assessed by the relevant research group’s director, supervisor or other person in charge of supervision. So, the first thing to do is to contact your thesis supervisor. After this, the head of the school/department may grant you permission to use the university’s facilities. With regard to August and September, laboratory courses possibly organised in the same facilities must be taken into consideration, and a permission to use the laboratory may not overlap with these times.