Online teaching

(updated 18.3 at 15.20)

(updated 25 March at 14.10)

Skype for Business

You can find the application on your own computer and use it fully for online teaching. You can also record a Skype meeting if needed. Skype instructions.

Particularly suitable for real-time teaching. Chat and chat features.

Lifesize Cloud

Easy-to-use video conferencing for study groups max. 100 participants. Room availability is not limited. Participants do not need to register or install add-ons that require administrator privileges. You can join Lifesize Cloud on Skype for Business app, browser only (Chrome / IE), free Apps (available for Win, Mac, IOS, and Android) or on your phone. Each room can be recorded and each room can be connected to one-way live streaming with the chat service enabled. 1000 LifesizeCloud Live Stream 1000 viewers.

Contact if you would like to use the service. Lifesize Cloud instructions.

Particularly suitable for teacher-oriented lectures.


Like Skype, you can schedule a live or live appointment and live stream. 250 participants can attend one Teams meeting. Meetings in Teams.

Particularly suitable for teaching where real-time interaction is required. Includes a discussion board to support learning. A learning environment with various tools. Class-based Teams are recommended for teaching purposes, providing a variety of pedagogical tools.


Zoom meeting can have up to 300 participants. For large groups of students, use a webinar (500 participants, no participants speaking), accessed from Servicedesk (5 licenses at a time). You can find instructions on how to use Zoom in UEF Wiki.

Particularly suitable for real-time teaching, where you want to divide students into small groups and conduct surveys.