Online teaching tools at the University of Eastern Finland

(Updated 1 April 2020)

Plan and implement online teaching at the University of Eastern Finland

Online teaching can be done in real time and through recordings. Alternatives for different needs can be found on the sub-pages. When considering the choice of digital tools, consider the following:

  •      What entities can students study independently?
  •      What issues do you need for student interaction or teacher guidance?
  •      How do students demonstrate their skills and how do you organize assessment?


Please note!

  1. As you choose tools for online teaching, please note that computer security and privacy protection issues have been considered by the services provided by UEF. However, this is not the case with social media tools. See UEF Supported tools for online teaching.
  2. Because of the current situation, all the systems may experience overload that can lead to technical problems. Always remember to have a back up plan and consider how you can communicate with students in problematic situations.
Do not use video in online meetings unless necessary. The requirement of bandwidth in video conference applications is usually 1-2Mbps and a lot less than 1Mbps without the video. Internet connections at home are usually broadband or mobile broadband connections (20Mbps – 200Mbps). In comparison, Netflix recommends 5Mbps for HD quality.


TIP: Guides for ICT use, especially for students.



Contact Servicedesk ( for more information and practical support. Tel. 0294 458880


Support group for remote working and online teaching

Come and discuss the challenges and solutions of online teaching with your teacher colleagues and experts from Student and Learning services and IT services. Join also the Etätyö ja etäopetus UEF:ssa - Remote work and teaching group at Teams. See you online!

Theme webinars are mostly in Finnish, but you are warmly welcome to join and discusss also in English.

Themes and recordings can be found on the UEF Support group for remote working and online teaching page.