(Updated 25.3. added Teams installation guide)

Online meetings

Howto: Organizing an online meeting

All meetings in UEF are currently organized online (Teams, Skype). Recommended tools are Teams and Skype. Use cases

· Team meeting

· Workgroup regular meeting

· Large group meeting


Microsoft Teams

What is Teams?

Teams, a cloud service included in Office 365 tools, is a collaboration tool for education and workgroups. The application is well suited for online meetings, featuring audio or video calls and desktop sharing. A meeting can be organized in one of several ways: participants may be invited from your Outlook calendar or the meeting can be scheduled in the Teams app

How can I use Teams?

Teams can be accessed either through a browser or by installing a desktop version of it:

  • Microsoft Teams comes with an Office suite that is installed on all UEF staff workstations
  • For home computers please use the following link https://products.office.com/fi-fi/microsoft-teams/download-app
  • For mobile, Teams can be found in the phone app store


Skype for Business

The application is preinstalled in your UEF workstation and you can use it for scheduling a meeting from your calendar. In addition to audio or video calls, instant messaging is available.

Help from here.


HOWTO: Schedule and Online Meeting

A scheduled meeting for specific participants

You can organize an online meeting for named participants or groups. Follow these guidelines:

· Microsoft’s video guide: the beginning of the video shows how to use the Teams calendar to send an invitation (duration 02:00) Screenshots from the video: 1. Locating the New meeting button, 2. Meeting details form, 3. Invitees view of the new meeting

· Microsoft’s guide: How to organize an online meeting using Outlook, includes instructions on how to find the Teams icon in your Outlook calendar


A scheduled online meeting (for a pre-existing team in Teams)

Skype For Business

Guide: How to organize your meeting and invite your participant

Microsoft Teams

If your team for an activity or a workgroup already exists in Teams, it’s a good idea to use it to organize online meetings. You’ll find all your online meetings in the same place

Guide: Instant Meeting or Call

Skype For Business

Guide: Instant meeting or a call and instant messaging using Skype for Business

Microsoft Teams

You can organize an instant meeting between two or more participants using one of two methods::

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