IT instructions for working remotely

Working remotely means that the university services and systems are used from home or some other location. Working remotely can be done easily by using your own work computer and if needed, using your personal computer. It is strongly recommended to use your work computer. 
Most of the University of Eastern Finland’s services and systems can be accessed with an internet connection regardless of the location. These systems and services don’t require any special actions. For example the services in the O365 environment (emails, calendars, Skype and Teams) are easily accessed.  
If you require services in the university’s internal network that cannot be accessed using the public internet, the possibilities to work remotely can be increased by:  
  • ​The computer can be connected to the university’s internal network by using a secured remote connection (secured VPN connection). Below are some services that require the VPN connection
  • A virtual desktop concept makes it possible to use a home computer for working remotely and securely 
Please make sure that the services and programs you need can be used remotely before you leave the campus. 
If you need more information and/or guidance with the VPN connection or virtual desktop, contact the IT Servicedesk with e-services​, email or phone +358 294 458880.

Following services ​are accessible without VPN remote connection ​(and without a virtual desktop)

  • O365 and Heimo (e-mail, OneDrive, Sharepoint, Teamplace, Teams, Skype for Business, Yammer, Heimon services, eservices​​. NB.You can use Teams, Skype, OneDrive and Office software also with smart phones and mobile devices. Just installed the needed Microsoft mobile apps in your device.
  • Kamu, Moodle, Weboodi, kirjaston e-aineistot, Exam​, Lukari
  • Mepco, M2 SoleTM, SoleCRIS, SoleMove​, Kongressi​, UEF Signs​​​

Following services requi​​​​re a secured remote connection (VPN) 

The instructions to install the VPN connection can be found on the instructions below. 

These systems require a VPN ​​​​connection:

  • ​Programs that use a license server (SPSS, ArcGIS, Matlab, Amos)
  • Network drives
  • WinOodi
  • Raindance, Rondo, ProHa, WebTimmi, Miilu, Bura 

Instructions to remote conne​​ctions and working remotely 

Software use at home​

Some software for work and study can be installed on home computers within the license contracts of the university.