Professor Jari Vuori invited as visiting professor by two leading universities

Professor of Health Management Science Jari Vuori from the University of Eastern Finland has been invited as a visiting professor by two highly esteemed universities, namely Arizona State University, ASU, and the London School of Tropical Medicine & Hygiene, LSTMH. In 2018, ASU was ranked as the most innovative university in the US, with Stanford University taking the second place. LSTMH, on the other hand, has just been ranked as the world's leading research oriented education provider and, in the field of research in public health, LSTMH is also recognised as a world leader.

Vuori is the first Finnish professor to be invited as a visiting scholar by the Center for Organization Research and Design at ASU. He will be working in the US in 2018–2022. At LSTMH in the UK, Vuori will be working in the Department of Health Services Research and Policy in 2018–2020.

At the University of Eastern Finland, Vuori leads the international PubPri research group, which compares the effectiveness and outcomes of public and private providers of social welfare and health care services. For instance, the research group has developed an indicator capable of recognising different user profiles among citizens. In the US and the UK, a key mission of Vuori will be to combine data from different research institutes and to apply for corporate funding for researchers’ innovations that seek to reduce social welfare and health care costs by increasing citizens’ own responsibility through digital solutions and solutions that are based on chip and sensor technology.

“These solutions make it possible to offer services already before people develop a medical condition. This, in turn, can help reduce the ever-growing costs of specialised health care. A part of the population can, in a best case scenario, treat themselves with health monitoring technology, which could help reduce the selection of services we currently offer,” Vuori explains.

Other partners in the development of service innovations include Georgia Tech, the Institute of Robotics and Intelligent Machines, and the global cognitive AI service provider HeadAI Ltd.

A print-quality photo of Jari Vuori is available at: http://kuvapankki.uef.fi/A/UEF+kuvahakemisto/13099?encoding=UTF-8

For further information, please contact: Professor Jari Vuori, tel. +358 40 750 6940, jari.vuori(at)uef.fi