EBSCO eBooks

1. How many concurrent users can access book?

1, 3, or unlimited number.

2. Can I read the books using just my Web browser?

Yes. If you can only see the first page of the book open, it may be necessary to change settings in Adobe Reader.

3. Can I print and copy the material?

Yes. Number of permitted prints varies by book (max. 60 pages per book). 1 page can be copied at a time.

4. Can I save the books?

Yes, most of them i.e. on a USB stick, in acsm file format. A reader program is required to open these files (see question 9). Saving these files requires you to create your own EBSCOHost user account.

5. Can I borrow the books and then read them offline?

Yes, most of them. Books are downloaded into a reader programme for the loan period (see question 9). Downloading requires you to create your own EBSCOhost user account. The loan period is 1 to 7 days.

6. Can I reserve material?

Yes, if you are logged in to your EBSCOhost user account. You will be notified by e-mail when the book is available. The book is reserved for 12 hours. Note, that time in Finland is 7 hours ahead the time mentioned in the email.

7. Can I use the books with my tablet or e-reader?

Yes, most of them. Tablets require free reader software (see question 9). Downloading requires you to create your own EBSCOhost user account.

If you’ll have problems with downloading, try another web browser (e.g, Safari / Chrome).

Your tablet must be connected to the Internet when you are accessing a book for the first time.

List of supported devices

8. Can I read the book I have borrowed on different devices?

Yes, most of them. You have to download the book into a reader programme, create an Adobe ID account, and authorize your device with the account.

9. Which reader software do I use on each device?

(Create Adobe ID account)

Desktop or laptop computer

Adobe Digital Editions. The software can be found as a virtual application on the university network.

iOS devices: iPad, iPhone

Adobe Digital Editions (App Store)

Android devices

Adobe Digital Editions (Google Play)

10. How do I install the reader software?

Installation (Windows) / Installation (Mac)


11. How do I download a book into the programme?

Download guide - Ebsco




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